The Spirit of the Blade

In the epic saga of A Song of Ice and Fire, there is a tradition by many of the warriors of naming their sword. This was first mentioned by Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Marshall of the North, whe he asked for his great broadsword “Ice” to behead a deserter of The Wall. In the books, the tradition is explained in a little more detail as it is described that all great blades must have a name. Being set in a very martial time and culture, it is easily understood why the men of this time have a very close affinity to their weapons of war.


Ned Stark has “Ice”, Robert Baratheon his “Warhammer“, and Valyrian Steel is recognized as valuable from Casterly Rock to the mountain tribes of the Eyrie. Because of this, even Arya Stark named the Bravos sword, Jon Snow had the smith make for her “Needle,” as she believed that all good swords need to have a name. At The Wall, Jon Snow received “Longclaw” from Commander Mormont in recognition of his service.


The sword is the ultimate symbol of honor. So much so that when Robb Stark made his demands to King Joffrey, one of them was for the return of his father’s sword “Ice.” Another instance was when Commander Mormont was explaining to Jon that when his son, Ser Jorah, disgraced him and fled to the free cities, he left behind “Longclaw” as he did not want to tarnish it by his discgrace.


Valyrian Steel Weapons in Westeros

Valyrian Steel is a magical alloy invented in Valyrian Freehold and used to make weapons of exceptional quality. Swords made with Valyrian steel are lighter, stronger, and sharper the the best castle-forged steel swords. It is said to be forged with secret smithing techniques and magic.

  • Blackfyre – An ancestral sword of House Targaryen, wielded by Aegon the Conqueror and Daemon Blackfyre. Lost after the Blackfyre Rebellion.
  • Brightroar – The ancestral sword of House Lannister, carried to Valyria and lost by Tommen II Lannister, King of the Rock.
  • Dark Sister – An ancestral sword of House Targaryen, wielded by Visenya Targaryen, Prince Aemon the Dragonknight and Ser Brynden Rivers. Lost after Ser Brynden’s removal to the Wall.
  • Heartsbane – The 500-year-old ancestral sword of House Tarly and currently wielded by Lord Randyll Tarly, and soon to be passed to his son and heir, Dickon Tarly.
  • Ice – The ancestral sword of House Stark, well over four hundred years old. Captured by the Lannisters after Eddard Stark’s execution and melted down.
  • Lady Forlorn – The ancestral sword of House Corbray and currently wielded by Ser Lyn Corbray.
  • Longclaw – The ancestral sword of House Mormont. Abandoned after Ser Jorah Mormont’s disgrace and sent to his father Jeor Mormont, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Passed by him to Jon Snow.
  • Nightfall – The ancestral sword of House Harlaw. Currently wielded by Ser Harras Harlaw.
  • Oathkeeper – A new sword forged out of the Stark sword Ice and given to Jaime Lannister by his father. Passed by Jaime to Brienne of Tarth.
  • Red Rain – The ancestral sword of House Drumm, forged before the Doom. Currently wielded by Lord Dunstan Drumm
  • Widow’s Wail – A new sword forged out of the Stark sword Ice and given to King Joffrey I. Currently in the possession of King Tommen I Baratheon.
  • Dawn – the sword of House Dayne, is not a Valyrian steel blade, instead being forged from a fallen meteorite, although some of its properties are similar to those of a Valyrian blade.
  • Lightbringer – King Stannis Baratheon’s sword, is also not a Valyrian steel blade despite its alleged potency.


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