Game of Thrones Sets and Locations

Each episode of Game of Thrones costs around six millions, yes you read that right it’s six million US dollars for a single episode. And some such cost even more such as the black water battle episode is reported to cost around eight million US bucks. This is quite a whopping and staggering price for a television series, but again to gain a rating of 9.5 on imdb you need to do something special. Shooting has taken place in many countries including United States, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Croatia and Malta. Truth is that never a television series has been filmed on such a huge scale. Sets of GOT leave a person truly speechless as they are designed with such expertise that one is forced to appreciate the effort.

Why Watch GOT:

While i was writing this blog a news came in that University of Virginia’s students would be watching Game of Thrones as part of their university curriculum. The thing is that this series has a lot to teach to it’s viewers. Whether it be obedience of parents, breaking the rules or paying debts. This is one of those series that each entrepreneur must watch. One thing’s for sure once you start watching this series you could not leave it because it casts a strong spell on its viewers. Screen play of this series is simply phenomenal and actors have given their best, these things makes this series one of the most watched in the television history.

Since this is based on a novel series you can download the Game of Thrones e-book from internet, Game Of Thrones pdf version is also available online.

Short Description:

If you don’t know what A Game of Thrones is or have forgotten, let us remind you.

A Game of thrones is a fantasy drama television series. It was adapted from the fantacy novels written by Gearoge R.R. Martin. The story is about a realm within the seven kingdoms in Westeros and essos continents. It’s has just come to a end of a decade long summer whcih brings the famous saying, winter is coming! it features sean bean game of thrones actor and sophie turner.

The story is interestings as it goes back and fourth from multiple “houses”, such as the House baratheon, Bolton, Florent, Lannister, Lannisport, Martell, Redwyne, Start, Umber, Tully and my personnel favorite Targaryen!

So it basically revolves around who rules the seven kingdoms and get to sit on the Iron throne. It has attracted huge amount of interest and is HBOs biggest tv series. The best part is, it has frequent nudity and violence. Some things it has are:

– Dragons!

– Imps! Dwarfs!

– White Walkers (Zombies)

– Knights and Castles!

– Giants!

– Wolves

– People who can control wolves along with other animals…

It defiantly one of the best TV series that i have ever seen. I like fantasy as it’s something, yourself, could never do.

Watch this honest spoiler trailer on the bottom right!

So it has now been Season 1, 2, 3 and 4! Not another season for a year! How horrible. However as soon as season 5 is launched we will be writing full reviews on each episode. So be sure to stay tuned for that, when it eventually comes round.

Til then, Enjoy re-watching 

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