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A Song Of Ice And Fire Audiobooks

People who are hooked with the popular book (and now a mini-series), A Game of Thrones, will surely find the audiobook version equally interesting. This series have truly become a household name and have become very popular.

Fans of this epic story buy DVDs of the first season so it’ll not be sur…

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Game of Thrones Quotes Plus Characters

When I've read the Game of Thrones quote collection at, I couldn't but stop and ask myself who is my favorite character in the show. I mean, there are a lot of great quotations there, and they are integral part of the characters, but which one of them brings out the most emotions i…

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Top ASOIAF Websites

The growing popularity of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF), coupled with the recent release of its hit HBO television adaptation has given rise to numerous forums, discussion boards, and fan pages. Below are ten of the best ASOIAF sites covering news, updates, comprehensive guid…

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Game of Thrones Sets and Locations

Each episode of Game of Thrones costs around six millions, yes you read that right it’s six million US dollars for a single episode. And some such cost even more such as the black water battle episode is reported to cost around eight million US bucks. This is quite a whopping and staggering price fo…

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Game of Thrones season 3 preview

You are a Game of Thrones series fan. You might have read the books before, you might want to read them now, you might not want to read them at all. Whatever your choice is, you know you will love the series, and now that the season 2 is done, you can’t wait for the next one.

Since the ai…

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The Spirit of the Blade

In the epic saga of A Song of Ice and Fire, there is a tradition by many of the warriors of naming their sword. This was first mentioned by Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Marshall of the North, whe he asked for his great broadsword “Ice” to behead a deserter of The Wall. In …

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