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A Song Of Ice And Fire Audiobooks

People who are hooked with the popular book (and now a mini-series), A Game of Thrones, will surely find the audiobook version equally interesting. This series have truly become a household name and have become very popular.

Fans of this epic story buy DVDs of the first season so it’ll not be surprising if the audiobook will be as popular. Feel free to read on below to know more about the audiobook version of A Game of Thrones.

A Game of Thrones Audiobook

A Game of Thrones is the first audiobook in the A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy saga by award winning American author George R.R. Martin. This volume starts the story of the different families in the land of Westeros as they struggle to gain control of the Iron Throne. Aside from the book and audiobook, A Game of Thrones was also recently made into an HBO mini- series starring actors such as Sean Bean and Mark Addy. Also, it is available in audio format which is excellently narrated by legendary British actor Roy Dotrice. Dotrice’s execution is so spot-on that many prefer it over the book. It was offered as early as 2004 and continues to be widely distributed today.


A Clash of Kings Audiobook

Picking up from where the Game of Thrones left off, A Clash of Kings audiobook talks about the rise to power of five individuals all claiming control over respective parts of the realm. You have Joffrey Bratheon , Stannis Baratheon, and Renly Baratheon for the entire Seven Kingdoms, Stark for the Northern realms, and Greyjoy for the Iron Islands. The audiobook version was released in 2004 and runs for approximately 37 hours and 17 minutes. Once again, the narration is done by Roy Dotrice, published by Random House Audio and is available in most of the major online stores such as Amazon, and Random House.


A Storm of Swords Audiobook

The third in the series A Song of Ice and Fire by American author George R.R. Martin, this book is relatively longer than the first two books, which is why the audio version is sometimes more desired. The audiobook for A Storm of Swords lasts a whopping 47 hours and 32 minutes. Like the first three versions, it is brought to life by the eloquence of Mr Roy Dotrice. Aside from the Dotrice version, there is a Roy Avers version out there which also has its unique flavour. Fans may purchase/ download these versions from popular online stores such as Amazon, iTunes, and the like.


A Feast for Crows Audiobook

A Feast for Crows, which is the fourth book in the saga A Song of Ice and Fire, was originally meant to be a much larger work. Because of its already large page count however, the author decided to divide it into two, with A Dance for Dragons being the second half. The audiobook, which was released in 2006, spans approximately 31 hours divided into 26 CDs. The one thing different with this version is that the familiar and amazing voice of legendary British actor Roy Dotrice is not heard. Instead, the new voice of John Lee, another British actor, was used. Although he does an equally amazing job at it, fans of the first three books may suffer from separation anxiety from the familiar intonation and pace of Dotrice.


A Dance with Dragons Audiobook

The latest in the A Song of Ice and Fire saga, A Dance with Dragons is the much awaited second half of the plot started in A Feast for Crows. Plot wise, it goes back to focus on the main characters fans have come to love in the first three books. About six years in the making, this volume is greeted with much acclaim. For the first time in the history of the saga, the audiobook was released at the same date as the book. Also, fans welcome the return of the familiar voice of Roy Dotrice. The British actor, who was noticeably absent from the last volume makes a return rendering another excellent performance. A Dance with Dragons is available for download in all major online stores and lasts for approximately 49 hours.

Game of Thrones Quotes Plus Characters

When I've read the Game of Thrones quote collection at, I couldn't but stop and ask myself who is my favorite character in the show. I mean, there are a lot of great quotations there, and they are integral part of the characters, but which one of them brings out the most emotions in me.

I came to realize that my favorite sayings from the show come from my favorite characters in the show. So, it wasn't hard to do a plus action, and create an Character+Quotes article. I don't want to bother you further, let's jump straight into it.


Arya Stark

Arya is the little badass whose impossible not to love. Ripped away from her family, so she'll survive, this untamed tomboy spends the bulk of her childhood running for her life and watching though she loves, whether friends or family, meet their doom. Aria uses the brutality in her life to fuel her inner strength to the point where we come to believe she's truly going to kill all those names on her list.

Some other Arya Quotes:

  • "Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe.‚Äč" - Arya Stark
  • "Tell them the north remembers." - Arya Stark
  • "Tell them winter came for House Frey." - Arya Stark

Daenerys Targaryen

From the beginning of the show under the thumb of the men around her, Danny has gone through one of the most striking character transformations on the series, as she unleashed the warrior spirit within her after her marriage to Khal Drogo, becoming perhaps the most formidable leader in the world.

Beloved by her supporters and feared by her enemies she and her followers and her dragons has to shadow over the Seven Kingdoms from halfway across the globe. Fully capable of decimating her enemies in vicious fashion, it is the Khaleesie’s attempts at graciousness and kindness that set her apart from the leaders around her.

  • "When my dragons are grown, we will take back what was stolen from me and destroy those who wronged me! We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground!" – Daenerys Targaryen
  • "I will take what is mine with fire and blood." – Daenerys Targaryen

Before we come down to number one character, here are some honorable mentions

  • "The house that puts family first will always defeat the house that puts the whims and wishes of its sons and daughters first." – Tywin Lannister
  • "Storms come and go, the big fish eat the little fish, and I keep on paddling" – Lord Varys

If you're into this kind of stuff, be sure to check this other article. The concept is simmilar as mine, but the characters and game of thrones quotes are different.

Tyrion Lannister

  • "I'm not threatening the Kings I'm educating my nephew. Bronn, the next time Ser Meryn speaks, kill him." – Tyrion Lannister

Who are we kidding, there was never any chance that the black sheep of the Lannister family could have been in any spot but the top one. Smart, funny and tenacious when the chips are down, Tyrion is a leader of men who may have one or two vices. Unfortunately he was born in a time when being a man of his size prevents him from getting the respect he clearly deserves. Known as the IMP or the Half Men what Tyrion lacks in size he more than makes up for in intelligence, judgment and vision, and that's why our allegiance will always lie with him.

And finally:

Who's your favorite Game of Thrones character and his quote?



Top ASOIAF Websites

The growing popularity of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF), coupled with the recent release of its hit HBO television adaptation has given rise to numerous forums, discussion boards, and fan pages. Below are ten of the best ASOIAF sites covering news, updates, comprehensive guides to both the books and television series, and just about everything under the sun that is somehow related to the world of Westeros.

  • George R.R. Martin´s Official Website : Every fan of A Song of Ice and Fire should visit George R. R. Martin’s (GRRM) official website at least once. The design of the homepage alone is sure to be a treat as it features banners bearing the sigils of each of the major houses in Westeros. Fans can catch up with the latest news and updates regarding this bestselling series. There is also a fan art gallery, where Martin shares the photos and artworks sent by the readers. Followers of the author himself can learn more about Martin and his works through the pages showcasing his biography, bibliography, and even his collection of toy knights and miniatures. Hardcore fans will enjoy the collector’s page and even grab the opportunity to purchase a signed, out-of-print book. Unfortunately, the Seven Kingdoms T-shirt Shop is closed until further notice, but one can still visit the site – if only to marvel at the designs.
  • GRRM’s Live Journal : This is not a blog. George R. R. Martin cannot stress that fact enough. He even named his official live journal “Not A Blog”. Dear fans, take heart. Most of the updates and posts are related to A Song of Ice and Fire, though Martin has taken the liberty of sneaking in some posts about other topics such as comics, books, baseball, politics, and whatever else he wishes to talk about. After all, this is not a blog. He simply does not have the time to come up with an actual, full-blown weblog. Oh, and if he does not post for months on end, it does not mean he’s fallen off the face of the earth. On the contrary, fans should rejoice! If he’s not posting, he’s likely too busy – hopefully writing the next book in the series.
  • Westeros : This is the ultimate ASOIAF fan site. Access the wiki site for a comprehensive guide to the world, its characters, and their stories. Drop by the Citadel for more in-depth information on specialized thematic resources, including maps, book reviews, prophecies, correspondence with GRRM, and FAQs. There is also a subpage dedicated to the HBO television adaptation. One other interesting part of this site is the “All Sorts of Weird Stuff” section that discusses everything that is remotely related to ASOIAF, without being directly tied to the book or series. This “weird stuff” includes assorted ASOIAF products and their derivations, notable events, and other tidbits of information such as the appearance of a replica of Jon Snow’s sword in an episode of Big Bang Theory. The most popular sub-domains of the site are the Blood of Dragons and A Forum of Ice and Fire. Blood of Dragons gives fans a chance to experience the world of Westeros to the fullest through an online, text-based role-playing game that is fully approved by GRRM. A Forum of Ice and Fire is the largest ASOIAF forum, with over 15,000 registered members discussing everything there is to know about the series.
  • Tower of the Hand : Need chapter-by-chapter summaries of each of the ASOIAF books? Look no further than the Tower of the Hand, a website that serves as an unofficial companion to GRRM’s bestselling series. This site is a godsend for those who need a quick recap of the books before delving into the series’ next release. Every single page in the site is painstakingly cross-referenced and hyperlinked such that one could look at the summary of a book, jump to the profile of a character within that summary, access details about an important event in that character’s history, and so on. Tower of the Hand also includes in-depth guides to the television series and the Tales of Dunk and Egg, a series of prequel novellas crafted by GRRM.
  • HBO: Game of Thrones : This is the official site of the hit HBO television series. It includes episode synopses, production diaries, commentaries, and detailed information about the cast and crew. There are also several bonus features created especially for the viewers such as avatars, screensavers, and wallpapers. One thing every fan should not miss is the downloadable viewer’s guide that provides a map of the world of ASOIAF and the family trees of each of its noble houses. Those who missed the first season can watch all the episodes online via HBO GO. This service, however, is limited to residents of the United States.
  • Winter is Coming : This serves as a fan site for the television adaptation of ASOIAF. It provides news, rumors, speculations, and discussion boards. Because the risk of spoilers in sites of this kind is quite high, the moderators have come up with a rule for spoilers to be blacked out when providing comments. They also keep a close eye out for any possible spoiler slip ups and remedy these as quickly as possible, making this a good site for new viewers who have not yet had the chance to read all the books. The site also provides information on cast, crew, and episodes, and maintains an FAQ. In addition, there are numerous links to related media such as publicity photos, trailers, behind the scenes photos, and fan art, among many others.
  • Game of Thrones AudioBook : This website is dedicated to the AudioBook adaptations of the ASOIAF books. It gives a short summary and review of each of the novels, along with details on the length, publisher, and narrator. There is a separate section discussing Roy Dotrice, the award-winning British actor who lent his voice to the AudioBooks and successfully brought to life the world of Westeros and each of its hundreds of characters. To date, all books have been converted into AudioBook format, including the latest release – A Dance with Dragons. The site also provides links to where each AudioBook can be bought or downloaded.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire AKA Daenerys Targaryen : While this site claims to be dedicated to the “rich and epic fantasy world of A Song of Ice and Fire”, it is actually a shrine to one of the more popular heroines of the book, Daenerys Targaryen. The website provides a complete biography of Dany’s exploits, from A Game of Thrones to A Dance with Dragons. It also contains detailed information about The Unsullied warriors and two major Dothraki battles, namely the Battle of Qohor and the Battle of Yunkai. A large chunk of the site is dedicated to the military power of dragons. Most of the assumptions regarding a dragon’s physiology are based on numerous resources, including the film Dragonheart (1996), though some data were also drawn from ASOIAF, whenever applicable.
  • A Podcast of Ice and Fire : A rather unique way of approaching the series A Song of Ice and Fire, this website is a podcast on basically anything and everything about the series made popular by American author George R.R. Martin as well as the HBO series adapted from it. Hosted by roughly five individuals, the podcast includes facts about the series as well as spoofs, skits, and basically everything under the sun. There is so much going on in the website from the chatbox, text and video discussions, forums, downloads, and many more. The approach of the entire podcast site is humorous which greatly differentiates it from the other websites on the topic. You can tell that the hosts are really into the series yet ironically, despite the series being extremely serious with medieval undertones, the podcast is light and the episodes entertaining in an entirely different sort of way.
  • The Brotherhood Without Banners : Named after one of the outlaw groups which is part of the actual plot of the story, the website is a fan site for the epic saga by George R.R. Martin A Song of Ice and Fire. It was originally formed by friends equally enthusiastic about the series and who thought up of the building the website after attending the 2001 WorldCon. Since then, it has continued to bring together fans of the series in fun, healthy, and meaningful discussion. Their primary avenue is through a forum which is tied up with the forums at Westeros. This group welcomes both fans of the book as well as the HBO series. However, they warn those who have only watched the series that they might want to avoid the discussion because it is replete with spoilers coming from the succeeding books.
  • Inn at the Crossroads: A brilliant blog about recipes for dishes mentioned in all five of A Song of Ice and Fire novels. Many recipes found on were developed using medieval cookbooks and techniques.

Game of Thrones Sets and Locations

Each episode of Game of Thrones costs around six millions, yes you read that right it’s six million US dollars for a single episode. And some such cost even more such as the black water battle episode is reported to cost around eight million US bucks. This is quite a whopping and staggering price for a television series, but again to gain a rating of 9.5 on imdb you need to do something special. Shooting has taken place in many countries including United States, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Croatia and Malta. Truth is that never a television series has been filmed on such a huge scale. Sets of GOT leave a person truly speechless as they are designed with such expertise that one is forced to appreciate the effort.

Why Watch GOT:

While i was writing this blog a news came in that University of Virginia’s students would be watching Game of Thrones as part of their university curriculum. The thing is that this series has a lot to teach to it’s viewers. Whether it be obedience of parents, breaking the rules or paying debts. This is one of those series that each entrepreneur must watch. One thing’s for sure once you start watching this series you could not leave it because it casts a strong spell on its viewers. Screen play of this series is simply phenomenal and actors have given their best, these things makes this series one of the most watched in the television history.

Since this is based on a novel series you can download the Game of Thrones e-book from internet, Game Of Thrones pdf version is also available online.

Short Description:

If you don’t know what A Game of Thrones is or have forgotten, let us remind you.

A Game of thrones is a fantasy drama television series. It was adapted from the fantacy novels written by Gearoge R.R. Martin. The story is about a realm within the seven kingdoms in Westeros and essos continents. It’s has just come to a end of a decade long summer whcih brings the famous saying, winter is coming! it features sean bean game of thrones actor and sophie turner.

The story is interestings as it goes back and fourth from multiple “houses”, such as the House baratheon, Bolton, Florent, Lannister, Lannisport, Martell, Redwyne, Start, Umber, Tully and my personnel favorite Targaryen!

So it basically revolves around who rules the seven kingdoms and get to sit on the Iron throne. It has attracted huge amount of interest and is HBOs biggest tv series. The best part is, it has frequent nudity and violence. Some things it has are:

– Dragons!

– Imps! Dwarfs!

– White Walkers (Zombies)

– Knights and Castles!

– Giants!

– Wolves

– People who can control wolves along with other animals…

It defiantly one of the best TV series that i have ever seen. I like fantasy as it’s something, yourself, could never do.

Watch this honest spoiler trailer on the bottom right!

So it has now been Season 1, 2, 3 and 4! Not another season for a year! How horrible. However as soon as season 5 is launched we will be writing full reviews on each episode. So be sure to stay tuned for that, when it eventually comes round.

Til then, Enjoy re-watching 

Game of Thrones season 3 preview

You are a Game of Thrones series fan. You might have read the books before, you might want to read them now, you might not want to read them at all. Whatever your choice is, you know you will love the series, and now that the season 2 is done, you can’t wait for the next one.

Since the airing of the Game of Thrones season 3 is scheduled for March 2013, it seems we have a long way to go before we see what exactly will happen. Until then, we are hungry for every detail that can give us a bit of insight.

You have had the opportunity to read the review of the third book, A Storm of Swordshere on our fan site, but only the most general facts were given there, so not to spoil the fun for those who haven’t, or don’t want to read the book, but rather wait for the series to come out. We cannot spoil it for the series fans, because we can only know so much as you do.

Game of Thrones season 3  – new characters

Recently, there has been a video out, presenting the new characters to take their place in the Game of Thrones season 3. Some of them had their roles in the second book, but were left out in the series because so much was needed to push in a tight 10×50 minutes schedule, plus the last episode being a bit longer.

The third book, A Storm of Swords, is the longest one in the series, so it will be interesting to see how they will squeeze everything that has happened there into a 10-episode season. Surely, a lot of events will be omitted, and some will be changed so they take less time, and are easier to put on screen.

From this video we can see which new characters will be included in the third season. Brynden “The Blackfish” TullyCatelyn Stark’s uncle; Missandei , Daenerys Targaryen’s servant; Orell, wildling skinchanger; Shireen BaratheonStanis Baratheon’s daughter; Jojen and Meera Reed, Bran’s travel companions; Beric Dondarrion, a knight who fights for justice; Thoros of Myr, Dondarrion’s companion and Rhllor’s priest; Olena Tyrell, Margaery Tyrell’s grandmother, also known as “The Queen Of Thorns”.

It’s hard to predict what will happen without some spoilers, so if you don’t want to know, it would be better not to read this. Except that you cannot resist your curiosity. One final warning – they say that curiosity killed the cat, so don’t read this unless you are sure you won’t regret it. Even though, by the time the series is out, chances are big that you might forget what you read here.

Game of Thrones season 3 – what to expect?

Without further ado, here is what I think might happen. Starting with the “less” important characters, what puzzles me is why give so much importance to Orell. He is a wilding skinchanger who got killed by Jon Snow in the second book.

Only thing that comes to my mind, and it seems I’m not the only one judging by the different forum posts on the Internet, the character of Orell will incorporate a few different important characters from the third book. Only thing I can tell for sure is, there will be no love lost between him and Jon Snow.

Missandei is a slave from Astapor who was given to Daenerys Targaryen as a sign of a good trade. She is a very intelligent girl who grows on Daenerys with ease. The importance of her role might be compared to the importance of Podrick Payne to Tyrion Lannister.

Shireen Baratheon is Stanis Baretheon’s daughter. She is not that important of a character in the books, but I would go so far as to suggest that she might be important in the series due to Melisandre’s plans of waking the dragon. This way, the makers of the series could leave out another character, and make the story line in the series simpler and easier to follow.

Brynden Tully is obviously important because of his role in the Red Wedding, and this event will not be missed out for sure.


Jojen and Meera Reed had a very important role even in the second book, A Clash of Kings, but were left out in the series, due to many characters and little time. It’s no wonder that they got their rightful time in the third season of Game of Thrones. They will help Bran understand his wolf-dreams better, and search for the three-eyed crow, which is perhaps Bran’s ability to tell future from the green dreams, like those that Jojen has.


Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr are the leaders of the Brotherhood without Banners, a group of outlaws that fight for the small people in the name of late King Robert Baratheon. Throughout the book, they come across many important characters, and are even joined by some. We won’t tell you which ones. I would just like to add that Paul Kaye, impersonating Thoros of Myr, looks very credible as Rhllor’s priest.

Finally, Olena Tyrell. A witty, sarcastic, and most of all, a master of plots and secret games, Margaery Tyrell’s grandmother does a lot more than she lets everyone know. The Queen of Thorns, as she is called behind her back, is a very important character in the book, and we can only hope that she will be given equal significance in the series.

It’s hard to be more specific without letting on more details than is healthy, but if you are so impatient to find out what happens, read the 3rd book A Storm Of Swords.

If you would like to be kept updated about Season 3 developments and more Game of Thrones news & updates join our mailing list or join our Facebook Page

The Spirit of the Blade

In the epic saga of A Song of Ice and Fire, there is a tradition by many of the warriors of naming their sword. This was first mentioned by Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Marshall of the North, whe he asked for his great broadsword “Ice” to behead a deserter of The Wall. In the books, the tradition is explained in a little more detail as it is described that all great blades must have a name. Being set in a very martial time and culture, it is easily understood why the men of this time have a very close affinity to their weapons of war.


Ned Stark has “Ice”, Robert Baratheon his “Warhammer“, and Valyrian Steel is recognized as valuable from Casterly Rock to the mountain tribes of the Eyrie. Because of this, even Arya Stark named the Bravos sword, Jon Snow had the smith make for her “Needle,” as she believed that all good swords need to have a name. At The Wall, Jon Snow received “Longclaw” from Commander Mormont in recognition of his service.


The sword is the ultimate symbol of honor. So much so that when Robb Stark made his demands to King Joffrey, one of them was for the return of his father’s sword “Ice.” Another instance was when Commander Mormont was explaining to Jon that when his son, Ser Jorah, disgraced him and fled to the free cities, he left behind “Longclaw” as he did not want to tarnish it by his discgrace.


Valyrian Steel Weapons in Westeros

Valyrian Steel is a magical alloy invented in Valyrian Freehold and used to make weapons of exceptional quality. Swords made with Valyrian steel are lighter, stronger, and sharper the the best castle-forged steel swords. It is said to be forged with secret smithing techniques and magic.

  • Blackfyre – An ancestral sword of House Targaryen, wielded by Aegon the Conqueror and Daemon Blackfyre. Lost after the Blackfyre Rebellion.
  • Brightroar – The ancestral sword of House Lannister, carried to Valyria and lost by Tommen II Lannister, King of the Rock.
  • Dark Sister – An ancestral sword of House Targaryen, wielded by Visenya Targaryen, Prince Aemon the Dragonknight and Ser Brynden Rivers. Lost after Ser Brynden’s removal to the Wall.
  • Heartsbane – The 500-year-old ancestral sword of House Tarly and currently wielded by Lord Randyll Tarly, and soon to be passed to his son and heir, Dickon Tarly.
  • Ice – The ancestral sword of House Stark, well over four hundred years old. Captured by the Lannisters after Eddard Stark’s execution and melted down.
  • Lady Forlorn – The ancestral sword of House Corbray and currently wielded by Ser Lyn Corbray.
  • Longclaw – The ancestral sword of House Mormont. Abandoned after Ser Jorah Mormont’s disgrace and sent to his father Jeor Mormont, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Passed by him to Jon Snow.
  • Nightfall – The ancestral sword of House Harlaw. Currently wielded by Ser Harras Harlaw.
  • Oathkeeper – A new sword forged out of the Stark sword Ice and given to Jaime Lannister by his father. Passed by Jaime to Brienne of Tarth.
  • Red Rain – The ancestral sword of House Drumm, forged before the Doom. Currently wielded by Lord Dunstan Drumm
  • Widow’s Wail – A new sword forged out of the Stark sword Ice and given to King Joffrey I. Currently in the possession of King Tommen I Baratheon.
  • Dawn – the sword of House Dayne, is not a Valyrian steel blade, instead being forged from a fallen meteorite, although some of its properties are similar to those of a Valyrian blade.
  • Lightbringer – King Stannis Baratheon’s sword, is also not a Valyrian steel blade despite its alleged potency.




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